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Beautiful Wall Clocks & Wristwatches

At Charly's Watch & Clock of Fairfax, Virginia, we sell a variety of gorgeous wall clocks and wristwatches for clients throughout the area. Whether you wish to adorn your wrist or your living room, our associates personally assist you to find the timepiece that suits your style.
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A Diverse Assortment

Our professionals offer a sleek selection of beautifully crafted clocks and watches in our shop. We sell and appraise a variety of timepieces, including:
• Alarm Clocks
• Antiques
• Batteries
• Chiming Clocks
• Chronometers
• Cuckoo Clocks
• Desk Clocks
• Electric Clocks
• English Clocks
• Floor Clocks
• French Clocks
• German Clocks
• Grandfather Clocks
• Grandmother Clocks
• Key-Wound Clocks
• Mantel Clocks
• Mechanical Clocks
• Musical Clocks
• Office Clocks
• Pocket Watches
• Quartz Clocks
• Reconditioned Clocks
• Schoolhouse Clocks
• Shelf Clocks
• Ship Clocks
• Striking Clocks
• Table Clocks
• Travel Clocks
• Used Clocks
• Wall Clocks
• Watches
• Weight-Driven Clocks
Contact us for wall clocks and wristwatches that add a unique element to any home or outfit.